Artist Statement

I began my career as a sculptress of recycled materials in the summer of 1991. As I experimented with my new found medium, I developed my own techniques for construction, texturing and painting my creations...and ideas just keep coming.

Briefly, this is how I do it; I build the armature, recycling styrofoam, plastic bottles, discarded wire, cardboard, broken furniture and various found objects into the framework. I build over this with a generous coating of a special air drying clay that sets up as hard and durable as wood. I texture it accordingly and I may add glass eyes, synthetic hair or various other found items that add a twist. (No creatures are harmed; I make my own teeth, horns, scales and claws!)

I let it air dry in the California sunshine...and you should see my patio, bodies everywhere! I hand paint each piece with non toxic acrylic paints and seal it with a clear non-toxic, non-aerosol acrylic sealant.

To date I've created well over 525 sculptures, each one an original. Though my works are tough and durable and sometimes huge, I do not recommend them for outdoor use in an unprotected area. Like everything painted and sealed, they will eventually be affected by over-exposure to sun, rain and possibly woodpeckers.

I hope my work makes you laugh and smile, for that is my joyful mission.